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Branding. Content. Lead Generation. SEO. PR. Expert Positioning. Webinars. Seminars. Conferences. Mailings. Translations. Social Media. Media Consulting.

Finvest Group's wide range of services allows you to reach any segment of the economic, financial and investment industry. We provide our clients with personalized service packages that fully meet their needs and ensure the highest efficiency and return on investment. Whether you choose branding activities, content creation, SEO or lead generation, with Finvest Group you can be sure to get exactly what you expect.

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What we do?


We provide services aimed at increasing your brand awareness as well as reach of your promotional and marketing activities among your potential customers. Depending on your needs, we work through advertising banners, listings and other advertising materials and ad placements.


We specialise in creation of quality content - articles, guides, educational content. We publish them within our web resources or you publish them at your website. We also publish content created by you. We know what to write and how to reach your target group.

Webinars, Seminars, Conferences

We organize or co-organize webinars, seminars and educational and sales conferences in the financial and investment industry. We cooperate with a wide range of panellists and speakers with many years of experience in the industry. Your concept, their knowledge and experience along with our execution guarantees your satisfaction and success.

Mailings & Push

We offer access to a database of over 24K unique e-mail addresses and 30K unique push subscribers interested in economic, financial and investment topics - stock exchange, Forex and CFD market, cryptocurrencies, investment funds and alternative investments. We work in the form of a newsletter, dedicated mailings and push notifications focused on achieving high CTRs.


We are aware of the importance of SEO activities optimisation for the online industry. We are familiar with how the system works and we understand the mechanisms it is based on. We also know how crucial the details are so that the whole system works together and brings the expected effect. Details are of utter importance and we are good at them. We offer a full range of SEO activities, starting from technical support for your website, SEO optimization and link building.

Lead Generation

We understand perfectly business and know how important it is for our clients to obtain high-quality sales leads. Our individual approach to each of the promotional and marketing campaigns allows us to achieve optimal results with your activities based on the CPL (cost per lead) model.

PR & Expert Positioning

We support your brand awareness through Public and Media Relations activities. We reach thematic media, in which we position your brand, content and your experts from the financial and investment industry. We reach readers, viewers and listeners of leading media.

Social Media

Every day, we actively reach thousands of Facebook and Twitter users interested in economics, finance and widely understood investments. We conduct activities aimed at promoting and increasing the awareness of your brand and marketing and promotional activities in social media.


We translate complete websites and content - articles, analyses and analytical comments, educational content, ebooks. We support you in achieving high effectiveness of your marketing and promotional activities by auditing the quality of translations of advertising content, including AdWords, Facebook.

Media Consulting

For many years we have been using state-of-the-art marketing solutions that work well in business. Our experience allows us to select the most effective tools that will help you achieve your goals. We will tell you which solutions are worth putting on and where to allocate funds so that the investment in marketing brings the highest ROI.